Boudoir photography has been around as long as cameras and is currently experiencing a resurgence.  Boudoir is a French word, roughly translated meaning a woman's private sitting room or bedroom. This is typically where boudoir sessions were traditionally photographed. Many sessions are still done in a bedroom-type environment but you are no longer restricted to classical boudoir settings.

Boudoir imagery done well can be an intensely personal and unique gift to a groom or any man.

A boudoir session can be just as much a gift to the woman herself as it is to her man. We encourage clients to bring a girl friend along for help, encouragement, and moral support to ensure the session is a ton of fun.


Unlimited outfits


20 finished images

USB Drive


1 Pose

(20) 2x3 wallet prints

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4x6 Print of All Images

Boudoir Sessions